Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller Review

Busy parents require features that really help especially in easy folding and storage. That is what Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller tries to give for them. This double stroller does enable the users to fold it easily as it has been patented quick fold technology. However, it is not only that. There have been several main features that enable the users to get advantage of it.

Different from its predecessor, City Select Double Stroller, City Mini has side-by-side type. It has crimson/gray color options beside black as default color. Wait, it has “twin brother’ named as City Mini GT. Check out here.

Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller Review

Main Features and Benefits

  1. Seat Reclines

It is not rare to take your children for trip during the nap time. You will require a stroller enables your children to have a good naptime. A stroller that has comfortably padded seat reclines will be helpful for them. It can be reclined to almost flat position with vented seat tops. Only then, your children are capable of sleeping without interruption.

  1. Large Canopies

Keeping your children protected from the sunlight is really good, so that your children will be comfy and keep cool. Fortunately, this stroller has been added with sun canopies that can be adjusted as needed with peek a boo windows. These windows allow you to keep an eye on your children.

  1. Storage Compartment

What more is that, Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller has got a large compartment. There are two compartments in two different locations. The one can be found under the seat basket and also the seat back.

  1. Easy to Fold

Your everyday excursions shall be perfect with its great maneuverability, but for storage and transport, this stroller is very easy to fold. It also has removable auto lock so the stroller will always be locked when it is folded. For safety while strolling in a long distance, this stroller has the dual swivel front wheels and front wheel suspension.

Customer Reviews

What is more convenient than a double stroller? Perhaps, there is not, especially for those having two children. A lot of users have been satisfied purchasing this stroller. Based on their experience, it was excellent in driving. It gives an smooth driving and easy pushing even only one handed. Besides, the light weight and easy to fold are also perfect addition particularly for busy parents. It has got narrow fold for easy storage and transport.

However, for the basket, it may be too small and the basket on the underneath area is rather difficult to access. For those who need accessories, they may have to buy them separately as no accessories are included in the purchase.

Where to Buy

When looking for this stroller on internet, you might find several markets offering you this product. However, it is highly recommended choosing Amazon. It is very safe, and the price is relatively reasonable. Now, this double stroller is priced at $449.99 with Free Shipping. Now, with the provided features and price range, Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller shall become yours if you purchase it from Amazon.

Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller Review

Many other strollers may claim that they are easy to fold, but it is different from Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller. It has got patented quick fold technology. Going somewhere by taking your two kids close in age will be completely comfortable. The large basket and sturdiness might be the other features that make this stroller recommended.

Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller Review

Main Features and Benefits

  1. Multi-functional Design

Due to this innovative design, you enable to opt the seating arrangement until 16 unique combinations. See all of combinations and available colors here.

  1. Patented Quick Fold Technology

As mentioned in the beginning article, this stroller is very easy to fold. Even you are capable of folding it in merely one simple step. This is not a hoax as this feature has been patented. That explains why other strollers claiming of easy-folding fails to satisfy the customers about this particular feature.

  1. Seating Recline

To make sure your children comfortable sitting inside the stroller, this product is featured with multi-position seat recline. Whatever position your children want to have, you simply set it up for your children and get them comfy while strolling.

For smaller children, it has got multi position foot that gives more leg support towards your children.

  1. Great Maneuverability

Frequently, the ways requires you to turn on the corners. Using this stroller will enables you to do this easily as it has excellent maneuverability. As good as BOB Revolution Duallie.

  1. Large Basket

As you need more space to keep the stuff for parents and the children, this product has been equipped with large basket. More stuff can be included, the more convenient your trip will be.

Customer Reviews

Users generally take advantage of this stroller. Most of them search for a stroller that is lightweight, easy-to-fold and maneuverability. The features that Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller, are really helpful for busy parents. Moreover, your children now are capable of seeing forward the stadium sit. They will not keep stuck looking at the back of the seat. Seat configurations are also great enough, as well as its capability for fitting through most doorways. The handle bar having more than one position is also lovable.

Meanwhile, it has to be noted that this stroller is merely purposed for small kids. With low weigh capacity, having older children requires you to get another stroller for your children. There have been a lot of adds on available, so that if you want some additional feature, like cup holders, you have to buy it separately. The built in might be better. Some users find it a little heavier that it should be despite its claim about light weight.

Where to Buy

Purchasing this stroller at Amazon is completely recommended. For the time being, it is priced at $669.95 with Free Shipping. This price enables you to safe up to 6% compared to the previous price. Check recent price on Amazon.

All in all, getting a stroller is currently easy but you need to find one that really helps and fits to what you are looking for. This Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller represents to your need. Getting this enables you to take your children with you for a trip.

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Review

Another stroller may only enable your children to sit and sleep, but Baby Trend Sit N Stand even enables them to both sit and stand. That is possibly why this stroller seems to be markedly preferred. Additionally, its ability to accommodate two children and large storage is another element why parents need to prefer it to the other ones.

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Review

Check available colors on Amazon.

Main Features and Benefits

  1. Infant Weigh Capacity

How old are your children until a stroller can accommodate them? Considering that your kids are growing up, parents need to ensure that the stroller can load them safely. That is why this stroller has got higher weigh capacity with 50 pounds each maximally. Taking them on a trip shall not become a hindrance for busy parents.

  1. Multiple Riding Positions

As mentioned in the beginning of the article, Baby Trend Sit N Stand enables your two children to sit and stand. That is because this stroller has got multiple riding positions. Besides, it enables the children to utilize an infant car seat that can be in rear or front facing seats. The two seats also enable the children to sit directly inside the seat of the stroller with five point safety harness. It will keep them safe.

  1. Large Basket

Strolling may require some stuff during the trip, and you need to keep that safe. You simply keep it on the large basket. There is also parent tray and child tray. Cup holders are perfectly added so you can have your bottles while strolling (similar to Contours Optima Tandem).

  1. Easy Folding

For transport and storage, this stroller is very easy to fold even with one hand. Thus, it does not need much time or effort simply to get your stroller stored and transported.

Customer Reviews

With those main features, this stroller is capable of giving satisfaction upon its users. They are mainly impressed with the sturdiness and cheap construction. It strolls so smoothly that your children are comfortable inside the seats. The great maneuverability so you can turn easily on each bends. Two cup holders and the small compartment are very nice for parents and the basket underneath space is perfect place for your children.

Nevertheless, some features may not be satisfying. This stroller may not be easily folded down. More energy and effort is required while it is getting in or out of the car. Its large basket underneath is great idea but is rather difficult to access it because of footrest of back seat as well as the sit and stand step.

Where to Buy

If you find a lot of online markets there, Amazon is the one you had better rely on when buying this stroller. It is due to the safety and the price is relatively reasonable. Currently, it is priced at $135.79. Check on Amazon.

With that reasonable range, you can have this Baby Trend Sit N Stand for your children. Taking your children going somewhere is simple and practical.